Wells Fargo Divest – Guerrilla Street Mural

Divest from Wells Fargo!

November 6, 2017 – San Francisco
Guerrilla street painting outside Wells Fargo World Headquarters in San Francisco.

No funding for fossil fuel pipelines and projects! Action organized by Idle No More SF Bay and allies.
No DAPL – KXL – Trans Mountain Pipeline – Line 3.

The image is Thunderbird Woman Rising

Design by Isaac Murdoch and Christi Belcourt of Onaman Collective

Water Wars – 10 Year Anniversary – Cochabamba, Bolivia

Water Wars – 10 Year Anniversary – Cochabamba, Bolivia

Cochabamba, Bolivia “Water Wars” – 10 Year Anniversary

April, 2010
10 years ago, the people of Cochabamba shut down their city to protest the privatization of their water systems by Bechtel Corporation and the World Bank.

Their David vs Goliath efforts were successful, their story an inspiration to other communities around the world. But the issues are complex and while improvements have been made and water access expanded, for many of the city’s poor the fight to gain access to water continues.