Artist in Residence – 2023

So, here is something a bit new and different for me…
Earlier this year (2023) I was involved with an Artist in Residence program through my brother and sister-in-law’s lovely progressive church down in the Portola Valley (Valley Presbyterian Church).
As part of the program, I took part in a series of workshops with other Artists in Residence.
This is the description of the workshop I led:
“Embracing Art & Creativity in the Fight for Social Justice”
“Using her documentary photography as a guide, Peg will share insights about the inspirational work being done and open up a discussion about possibilities, hopefully planting some seeds in the process.”
It was great to be able to share some of the inspiring work that many of my friends and co-conspirators have been doing:  Giant Street Murals, Pilgrimages to the Border (via ICE facilities), Refinery Corridor Healing Walks, Close the Camps Noon Rallies, Kayak-tivism, Art Builds.