Flood Wall St West – Stop Climate Chaos Profiteers – #FloodTheSystem

San Francisco Financial District – September 28, 2015

11 arrested as 200 protesters target those profiting from Climate Change.
4 people lock together inside the entrance to Bank of the West headquarters, while dozens outside paint a mural in the blocked intersection. The mural reads: “Stop Climate Chaos Profiteers #FloodTheSystem”.
Bank of the West is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas which is the French banking sector’s top financier of the coal industry. It is also one of the corporate sponsors of the United Nations climate summit (COP21) in Paris.
In the lead up to COP21 and beyond, actions are planned around the globe that call out the pressing need for people and communities EVERYWHERE to challenge the systems that are changing the climate and exist through oppression. To depend on the United Nations process would likely be a tragic mistake.