Featured Stories – Climate Justice

Climate Justice – From the San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond

–  The Bay Area is home to passionate networks of creative energy in the fights for Climate Justice.  From community-building “Art Builds”, massive street murals and banners that span city blocks, to powerful indigenous women-led campaigns, rapidly growing youth led campaigns and “grandmothers” blockading city streets, many in the Bay Area have been tireless in taking on the industries that threaten our future and the huge networks and systems that support those industries.

These creative and passionate local networks are informally woven together with a vibrant global ecosystem of Climate Justice activism that has been growing relationships and cross-pollinating for decades.  The stories from frontline communities in the East Bay refinery corridor are woven together with the Ponca experience in the Oklahoma oil fields and the destruction of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and Ecuador by the fossil fuel industry.  The networks of solidarity keep growing as the stories expose common themes and challenges and identify the global nature of the threats to our health, the planet and future generations.

This weaving together of many unique groups and communities in a common climate justice related project, can be seen visually represented in the massive street mural projects organized by David Solnit together with hundreds of others since 2018.  Covering huge city blocks, groups design and paint their unique visions into circles that are then “woven” together with an indigenous inspired basket pattern designed by Edward Willie and painted with paint created from clay gathered in the Sierra foothills.  This whole massive process is a beautiful representation of how to create the world we want to live in, while simultaneously drawing attention to and challenging the institutions and systems that threaten all of our futures.