Peg Hunter

Documentary Photographer and Videographer


Peg Hunter is a freelance documentary photographer and videographer focusing on immigration, social justice, climate justice, and the health of communities and the planet.  Her home base is the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her photography has been published in Yes! Magazine, SF Examiner, Common Dreams, NACLA, Truthout, Grist, Food and Water Watch and Earth Island Journal.

Peg graduated with a film degree from California Institute of the Arts and spent over 3 decades working with extremely detailed and challenging visuals in the film industry before transitioning to documentary photography and videography.

“I tend to think through complex issues best with visuals.  I’m always looking for ways to make social and environmental issues more accessible through a combination of stories and visuals.  Understanding the stories and the complexities is key to everything I do.  Whereas my previous ‘day job’ was centered on the manipulation of images to push the boundaries of reality as far as it could go, my current work looks to better understand the realities of now and how we got here, in order to imagine and actively chart a healthier way forward.  I’m drawn to the people who are dedicated to creatively re-thinking and re-writing the playbook that has gotten our society and planet to the cruel and precarious place we are today and I try, with my work, to help amplify their incredibly important work.”


Peg Hunter is a member of the Guild Freelancers Unit of the Pacific Media Workers Guild.

For a peek into her previous life… imdb Peg Hunter.